What is CVV Code or CVV Number

What is CVV Code or CVV Number?

CVV code or Card Verification Value is an anti-fraud security feature normally required to be entered on websites while you are purchasing or buying something online from your credit card or debit card. Whenever you are using you are directly using your Visa Debit Card or Credit Card, Mastercard, Discover or Rupay Debit Card, you will be asked to enter your '3 Digit CVV Code'. 

On Visa, Mastercard or Discover, the three-digit CVV number or code is printed on signature panel on the back of the card immediately after the debit card or credit card number.

And when it comes to American Express (Amex), the CVV code or the CVV number is not a 3 digit number. CVV code on American Express (Amex) is a 4 digit number printed on the front side of the card right above the card number. 

Why is CVV Number Required or why is CVV Number That Important?

As per the Card Holder's Agreement of almost all of the card issuers such as VISA or Mastercard, the card holder is not allowed to give or handover his/her credit or debit card to any one else than the signee. And since online fraud has been very common, CVV number becomes an additional security layer to prove that you are the actual owner of the credit or debit card. It is also a proof that you physically have the card on your hands. 
Just like your credit/debit card number, your CVV number also should not be shared with anyone else. You should only enter your 3 digit or 4 digit CVV Number for secured and trusted websites.